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  • What is vest carrier bag?

    What is vest carrier bag?

    We usually use plastic bags and there are many types of plastic bags. Today I am going to introduce you to what a "vest bag, literally understood" is. The shape of a vest bag is like a vest. Our garment bag is very cute and both sides are high. The vest bag is actually a...
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  • Want to know more about ecological bags?

    Want to know more about ecological bags?

    Bioplastics Depending on the material, the time it takes for bioplastics to be completely composted may take a different time and must be composted in commercial composting facilities, where higher composting temperatures can be achieved, and between 90 and 180 days. Mos...
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  • Garment Bags

    Garment Bags

    Generally, a garment bag refers to a bag used to keep garments (such as suits and dresses) supported by a hanger in a bag in a clean or dust-proof state. More specifically, the clothes bag refers to the kind of clothes bag suitable for being hung from a horizontal rod in...
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  • Usage of Masking Film for Painting

    Usage of Masking Film for Painting

    1. Spray paint masking It mainly prevents the paint from leaking when painting cars, buses, engineering vehicles, ships, trains, containers, airplanes, machinery, and furniture, and completely improves the traditional masking method of using newspapers and textured paper...
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  • Is polypropylene a biodegradable plastic?

    Is polypropylene a biodegradable plastic?

    Is polypropylene a biodegradable plastic? Someone asked if polypropylene is a degradable plastic? So let me first understand what is degradable plastic? Degradable plastic is a kind of product that meets various performance requirements, and its performance does not chan...
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  • What is the difference between biodegradable bags and fully degradable bags?

    What is the difference between biodegradable bags and fully degradable bags?

        Degradable packaging bag, the implication is degradable, but degradable packaging is divided into "degradable" and "fully degradable" two kinds.     The biodegradable plastic bag is made of plant straw and other friendly to human body and the environment, different f...
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  • Reasons for raw material rise

    Reasons for raw material rise

    As a supplier of plastic bags for export, the price of raw materials has been rising. What is the reason for the rising price of raw materials?  As we all know, plastic bags are made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other raw materials. Most of the ...
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        The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the company will officially have a holiday on February 7, 2021, and start work on February 18, 2021. The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China, which means reunion,...
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    Thermoplastic elastomer, referred to as TPE or TPR, is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic rubber. It is a kind of elastomer that has the elasticity of rubber at room temperature and can be plasticized and molded at high temperature.  Therefore, thermoplastic elastomer has...
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  • Dog waste bag is widely used

    Dog waste bag is widely used

    At present, the number of pets kept in families is increasing, and the garbage bags used by pets are becoming more and more popular. It is inevitable that dogs need poop when they go out for a walk or an outing with a pet. If you leave it alone, it will cause environment...
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  • What is cast film?

    What is cast film?

      Cast film is a kind of non-stretched, non-oriented flat extrusion film produced by melt casting and quenching. There are two ways of single layer salivation and multi-layer co-extrusion salivation. Compared with blown film, it is characterized by fast production speed,...
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  • What is PLA ?

    What is PLA ?

    Polylactic acid (H-[OCHCH3CO]n-OH) has good thermal stability, the processing temperature is 170~230℃, and it has good solvent resistance. It can be processed in various ways, such as extrusion, spinning, biaxial stretching , Injection blow molding. In addition to being...
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