Track shipment:

1. Accurate understanding of customer needs

In the business with customers over the years, LGLPAK LTD. has developed a set of perfect customer sample testing process which can quantify customer’s requirements with relative accuracy. In this case, we not only provide a standard for the communication with customers but also a reference for the production quality control.


2. Production quality control



Test during production: The purpose is to ensure the stable quality of products so as to avoid quality complaints and to promote development of relationship with customers.
Testing items:
Routine testing items include the testing for dimensions, weight, printing, tensile force, impact
resistance and elongation, etc.
Besides testing all the production samples during the production process, we also carry out user
experience test to evaluate the product performance from the perspective of practicability.
The material quality is subject to spot inspection during the material mixing process.
During the film blowing process, the thickness and width of the film is subject to spot inspection.
Full inspection is carried out during the link of bag-making process.
Certificate of approval will be affixed to all the products verified to be qualified. Person-in-charge responsibility system is implemented for the inspection of each production link and each batch of products. In this way, it is ensured that the inspection is not merely a formality but an effective means of quality control.


3. Packaging and appearance

The product appearance has a major impact on the sales of the distributors and end customers. LGLPAK LTD. pays great attention on the quality of accessory and formulate relevant processes for the control of product appearance.



4. Transportation

1.    Commitment for time
On-time delivery is one of the important principles upheld by LGLPAK LTD. and it also shows
our maximum respect for customers’ interest.


2.    Scientific, Reasonable and Graceful Loading
Loading more: We try to load goods as much as possible within limited space to greatly cut down the transportation cost for customers.